Tables/Boards/Wine Racks

A board is a balance between raw material and design; it is wood refined in the most basic way. Nothing shows the inherent beauty of wood like a live-edge piece, whether mounted on top of hand-carved legs as a table, or as an understated way to display your favourite wine selection.

“A bad day woodworking is better than a good day working.”

Cutting and Serving Boards:

Local hardwoods cut and shaped in a vast array of sizes.


Custom made to suit your needs and space. Whether it is a coffee or side table, a dining-room table to sit two or twenty, a hall table or desk, your vision come to life.

Wine Racks:

These live-edge slabs are available in two original styles, The Lean-to and The Edge. Your choice of hardwood, size, and the number of bottles to be held.



‘‘Woodworking minus patience equals firewood.”

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