I’m drawn to wooden bow making from a very deep place.

There’s a spirit that lives in traditional archery that is more than nailing a target or tagging game. It’s olde-tyme woodcraft alive today. It connects us to our ancestors, who met nature on level ground. Bowmaking is a unique form of woodworking. These are not static pieces. The stick bends and it returns. Thousands of times. And doesn’t break. It doesn’t remember any of the bend.

To make a bow, and to shoot one, requires focused intention. You must calm your mind. In a world of distractions, noise and A.D.D., a wooden bow is like medicine.

“A wooden bow ignites a spark in you”


One Piece Self Bow:

This is the bow our ancestors used. The profile ranges from a straight stave to gnarly snake grain character bows. I build these primitive bows with sound design and performance principles for highly effective shooting. Wood species include Osage Orange, Black Locust, Hickory, Sugar Maple, White Ash, Red Elm, Eastern Hop Hornbeam, Black Cherry, Black Walnut, Sassafras, Mulberry, and Apple.

Reflexed Bow:

A Hickory back and Osage belly are joined to create a bow that is designed for high-performance. The grip is set back from the tips with a concave bend along the length of the bow. This bow provides the power and arrow speed of a recurve bow with the elegance and accuracy of a long bow.



Made from Sitka Spruce, which has the highest strength to weight ratio of any North American wood. Spined to match your bow’s draw weight and grouped together by grain mass.


Canada goose and wild turkey feathers lashed down with
mercerized thread soaked in hide-glue.


Arrows spined over 50 lbs. have reinforced knocks.


Threaded stainless-steel field points or steel broad-heads.
All bow orders include 6 arrows.

“Building a longbow is easy. Just get a log and remove everything that doesn't look like a bow.”

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John Smith

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