Meet Dave

It began with a love of wood… My name is Dave Borsellino and I am the owner/operator of Red Hill Woods. I live and work on the red clay of Southern Ontario. I make handcrafted wood products from sustainably harvested wood, most of it obtained directly from local individual loggers and small wood mills. I feel a strong connection to the land we walk upon. My interest in woodworking grew out of a love of Nature, I’ve felt drawn to the forest my whole life. Function and performance are central to my work, as I strive to honour the tree with every piece I make. Every bow, paddle and board remembers its roots. I’m blessed to work with such a warm, living material. I hope to foster a connection between people and trees, through the beauty of wood.

“Custom-made, Hand-made"

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John Smith

Red Hill Woods | 148 St. Andrews Dr. | Hamilton | L8K 6C3
Call me at 905-572-3830 to discuss your custom wood creation!